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Ex Fabula

Ex Fabula

Ex Fabula is a nonprofit that connects Milwaukee through real stories. Our vision is a radically equitable community that honors the dignity of all people.

  • We believe Milwaukee, at its best, is an inclusive community that honors the dignity of all people.
  • Unfortunately, people sometimes live and work in silos, and have too few opportunities to connect, understand and relate to one another
  • Ex Fabula connects Milwaukee through real stories that express our common humanity and celebrate our differences. Our storytelling comes 100% from community participation, bringing us closer together in shared spaces to laugh, grieve, learn, process, advocate and heal.

Programs include a season of public StorySlams and workshops, collaborations with businesses and nonprofits, and media partnerships that extend the reach of stories told onstage. Since 2009, Ex Fabula has brought 1600+ stories to stages in Greater Milwaukee.

Our innovative community-building efforts have been recognized with a MANDI award from LISC for our Deaf Storytelling programming and a Unity Award from Milwaukee Magazine.

Presented by Ex Fabula at Milwaukee Turners' Turning Tables Tavern & Eatery

Apr 27, 2023


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  • Gallery 2 - Ex Fabula
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  • Gallery 5 - Ex Fabula
  • Alea crowns the Audience Favorite at a Slam


  • Brian Peters shared this story at our 2021 Deaf Story Slam, where the theme was "Funny Zero Mask".

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