SideWAUK Session - Menomonee River Valley  

Presented by Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc at Pizzeria 3301


We’ll meet at Pizzeria 3301 at Villa Palermo (3301 W Canal Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214). Pizzeria 3301 opens at 7:30am and serves coffee and breakfast items.

  • Time | 7:45am to 9am (SideWAUK Session starts promptly at 8am)

  • Phone | Erik 330-607-2791

  • Attire | Wear comfortable shoes and attire, we will be walking for a bit.

Why Go on a SideWAUK Session:

  • Step outside your comfort zone and discover a new neighborhood in an innovative way.

  • Build meaningful relationships over business cards by actually getting to know someone.

  • Learn what people are doing to improve Milwaukee.

  • Get to your step goals.

  • Get your creative juices flowing in the morning.

  • Be a tourist in your own city.

How SideWAUK Sessions Works:

  • Meet at a place that serves coffee, tea etc.

  • Introductions.

  • Embark on an journey to discover Milwaukee neighborhoods and meet new people.

  • At certain times throughout our 30ish minute, 4,000 step, 2ish mile hike you be prompted with questions that spark conversation.

  • After each question you will be asked to pair up with another person.

  • During SideWauk session, we will have a pop up talk from a creative, creator, entrepreneur, community organizer or business leader to talk about what they are working on.

  • Upon returning everyone that came on the hike will have time to connect with everyone at the starting location.

More about the Menomonee River Valley:

This year marks a milestone of 20 years of redevelopment and revitalization in Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley. This SideWAUKee invites you to explore this award-winning area of Milwaukee that has been transformed from Wisconsin’s most visible eyesore to the thriving eco-focused business and recreational destination it is today. When Milwaukee was the \"Machine Shop of the World,\" the Valley was its engine with heavy industry that left its mark on the land. Through community efforts, this area has become home to good jobs and careers, public art that honors history and culture, and trails and parks that welcome 100,000 visitors each year while improving the area\'s biodiversity also protecting water quality in Lake Michigan. We're certain this SideWAUK will leave an impression and change how you experience the Valley!

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Pizzeria 3301

3301 W Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214

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