The Fermentorium Brewery and Tasting Room

The Fermentorium Brewery and Tasting Room

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 7481 WI-60 Trunk, Cedarburg, WI 53012

Long before the brewery opened in a repurposed pet shop in the little town of Cedarburg, Wi, curious ferments bubbled vigorously in Kristopher Volkman’s basement cellar. A dreamer’s playground for old world preservation and modern innovation, from kraut to kombucha, the ferments in the cellar brewery went far beyond beer. The community that enjoyed them went far beyond that of the one household too,

The Fermentorium.

Today our tiny brewery is a little bigger than the basement, but we live and brew the same.

Preserving Tradition, Unleashing Imagination.

Experimental batches are brewed on the same 10 gallon brew house that started it all, and can only be experienced at the Tasting room. Any Employee can try their hand on this system, and on occasion, our most regular Mug Club patrons. I’s from here that

We seek out what hasn’t been done, and strive for perfect renditions of what has.

Recipes that are good, and we mean reaaaaallly good, get brewed on our 20 barrel brew house so more people can enjoy. stop on by, and you’ll find our 24 tap beers a little wild, our simple food menu a little weird, and attitude dead serious about the passion for what we do. We’ll keep a cold one here waiting for you.

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The Fermentorium Brewery and Tasting Room

7481 WI-60 Trunk

Cedarburg, WI 53012