Artasia Gallery & Museum

Artasia Gallery & Museum





 181 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202

Artasia – a gallery, a store, a museum to explore. Unique, interesting spaces available for private events up to 200, call for more information. “Where do you find all these amazing things?!” is one of the questions we hear frequently at Artasia. That’s because we’ve been collecting unique and unusual items from China, Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia since 1985. We have a fascinating array of ethnic and religious art, artifacts, carvings, accents, furniture, clothing, jewelry and antiques. And because we travel to far-off villages and provinces 4-5 times/year, we’re always adding new items to our collection. Among our clients are temples, monasteries, museums and fine art collectors. But we also have hundreds of items to fit anyone’s budget.

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Artasia Gallery & Museum

181 N. Broadway

Milwaukee, WI 53202