Jul 10 - 15
Moving to Mars

Moving to Mars

Presented by UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium at Online/Virtual Space

NASA is working to send humans to Mars, and the launch of the Perseverance rover is the next step in their ambitious plan! Dr. Jean Creighton, Director of the UWM Planetarium, will explore what we’ve learned about the habitability of the red planet and how we are preparing for this next great space adventure.

Registration is required for this virtual event. All are welcome, although the program is targeted for those ages five and older. Sign up at https://uwm.universitytickets.com/

Admission Info

Tickets are offered on a “pay what you can” sliding scale from $0-15.

We realize that not everyone may be in a financial position to support us. We still want you to join us in any case. If you are in a position to purchase tickets, you are supporting our talented team of undergraduate students who help design our programs (including this one) and assist with many other aspects of our operations.

Email: planetarium@uwm.edu

Dates & Times

2020/07/10 - 2020/07/15

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space