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Trove Arts Art Parlour

Trove Arts Art Parlour

TROVE ARTS welcomes the odd art commission request and loves to entertain and educate through shows, art-based parties, and unique intimate events.

Everything from “ancient” Egyptian death masks and sarcophagi to P.T. Barnum inspired “Feejee Mermaids” to fully original electric guitars and instruments…  Trove loves to tackle the strange stuff!
Browse Trove Arts’ website for inspiration for your next oddly perfect and special gift.

Trove Arts offers unique private art parties that are intriguing, fun, and perhaps secretly educational.
Parties are available for adults and children and feature not only a fun-to-follow art lesson, but also in-depth art history lessons made exciting and memorable through professional theatrical effects like custom 10 channel surround-sound, lighting, video, and other surprises in the craftily designed Trove Arts Art Parlour.

The intimate live shows by Trove Arts are true “not to be missed” unique events that you’ll want to keep all to yourself and your friends.
The Trove Arts Art Parlour is designed specifically to produce these intimate events for exclusively small audiences.
Have you ever discovered a little secret place?
The old train car bar in Bay View that sat about 12 and only a few knew how to find?
Perhaps a tiny art house cinema that pops up occasionally in the back room of a cold storage warehouse in Chicago?
Trove Arts Art Parlour is one of these joints and we’re excited to welcome

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