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Milwaukee Running Group - OMG

Milwaukee Running Group - OMG

People who join OMG meet other runners and make new friends. That’s because we welcome all ages and abilities, offer daily runs, host all sorts of social events, and drink beer on Wednesdays.

Slow and Beginner Runners: A third of our group consider themselves slower – beginner. FYI, the most common statement we still hear from new people is “I didn’t think there would be anyone my speed to run with.” Come to a run. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Paces for the SB group range from 9:30 – 14:00 minutes per mile. (FYI, walking is about 16 minutes / mile.)

Average Runners: That’s most of us. Paces range from 7:30 – 9:30 minutes per mile.

Fast Runners: A number of active OMG members can run sub 3 hour marathons. More still run under 3:30. If you run with them you’ll be in good company and generally out in front. Please wait for us at the end, or better yet, run an extra mile.

Public Website:

Facebook: We host two Facebook Pages, one is private for Active Members (but you can join if you promise to not promote ), and a Public Facebook Page with general informational. Here are the links.

Private Facebook Page – Milwaukee Running Group – for Active Members

Public Facebook Page – Milwaukee Running Group

Schedule: We run outside all year in all weather, mostly on sidewalks and paths near the lake. On Sundays we run trails at Lapham Peak State Park. On Tuesdays in the summer we do track/speed/hill workouts.

Social: We host a weekly Monday dinner after our

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