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Mad Rogues Theatre Company

Mad Rogues Theatre Company

Mad Rogues is a theater company based in Milwaukee, WI that hosts two series of performances throughout the year.

The first series, known as Bard & Bourbon, consists of classic Shakespearean plays performed with a twist. Before the performance begins a pre-selected actor consumes several shots of bourbon. Yes, you read that correctly! This is commonly known as “Drunk Shakespeare”. While we did NOT invent the idea we fell in love with it. If you are asking yourself WHY? Keep reading below. 

The second series, known as Gravediggers, was created in 2019 with the intention to move beyond just “Drunk Shakespeare” and to open our doors to those members of our community that might not be interested in watching a drunk Shakespearean performance. We understand that not everyone is comfortable in an environment where getting someone drunk is a part of the spectacle. 

We felt it was important to continue to grow because what we offer is unique. Most people that experience a Bard & Bourbon show for the first time will agree with you. This is not something you see everyday. But why is that?

Because something amazing happens when an drunk actor lets go just a little bit – the other performers listen harder – the audience perks up in their seats – and when the words finally pour out of them it’s like everyone in the room is hearing them for the very first time. “To be or not to be” are no longer just words on the page but they are an experience soaked in bourbon an

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